Hey, ya’ll!!!

So in case you’ve noticed my blog posts haven’t been coming in nearly as often as they used to, it’s been quite an eventful last couple of months. Let me catch you up a bit…

I’ve been studying like crazy for my personal training exam. The only time I really get to focus is at night once Imri is in bed and the majority of my to-do list is complete for the day.

Speaking of night time…Oh. My. Lord. Jesus. Imri is sleeping through the night!! Hallelujah to the highest!!! Let me tell you, I didn’t know how long this waking up three and four times a night to nurse was going to last but I finally decided one night that if I wanted a change I was going to have to intervene. So I did. Three weeks ago today I chose the Cry It Out Method and stuck to my guns. I knew if I did this I would have to be consistent because it wouldn’t be fair to Imri to let him cry one night, then get him the next night when he cried, then let him cry again the night after that.

Here’s what happened:

Night 1 – Imri cried for 45 minutes. While he cried I filled my head with positive thoughts and affirmations that this was for the best…he needed a solid schedule and I would greatly benefit with extra study time and a good night’s sleep…

Night 2 – Imri cried for 20 minutes. The crying wasn’t as intense as night 1 and I continued to tell myself, “I’m doing this for us!”

Night 3 -Imri slept like a baby…pun intended. No waking up, no crying, no nursing, just sleeping!!!!!! We made it!!!!!

Every night since then we’ve been going strong for three weeks! Granted, Imri has stirred for a minute or two a couple of times but he has been sleeping and I feel like I’ve just earned my freedom back! I got some great studying in, I’ve taken a few vacations a Publix and Fresh Market with Jahmai home “babysitting”, and I’ve even enjoyed some hot meals! I’d gotten so used to room temperature food I just about preferred all my meals that way, lol.

Moving on…

Jahmai shaved for the first time at a friend’s house. He came home looking like his Popi when his barber accidentally shaved his mustache. Can you tell how clean that top lip is?!

While I almost cried at the thought of my first born shaving, I was almost in tears from pure amazement and excitement that Imri stayed in the nursery without me for an entire 45 minutes!!! He NEVER goes to anyone he doesn’t know (unless that person is exceptionally sweet and full of love…children have a keen sense of discernment for good vs evil. I wholeheartedly believe that. Imri has refused someone who fit the latter of the two) let alone willingly depart from me in a room full of strangers.

I was so afraid of him having a fit and crying the whole time and left the room in shock and in disbelief that my clingy, conjoined twin was just fine by himself.

Jahmai’s braces are off! I am still agog that his broken brackets were never from all of the things he wasn’t supposed to have in his mouth like gum, hard candies, taffy life candy, hard foods…

I found my new summer “mom” style – a summer hat paired with, well, everything.

I’ve finally cleared 4 out of the 8 loads of laundry that have been idol on top of the washing machine and dryer for weeks. Ok, a couple of months.

Imri has a new happy place…

My family is committing even more to living their best life via a healthy lifestyle committed to clean eating and exercising. They have their seasons of doing well and then life happens and they relapse for a stint. But, I’m so proud of them and I love when they call me asking for food or exercise advice! Brel called just the other day asking for exercises to target his lower abs. He’s been faithfully hitting up the gym and eating very clean and needed a few tidbits…

Bless his heart, Imri has eczema and has had a couple of strong bouts with lots of scratching and dry patches. I’d already eliminated dairy as I don’t consume that anyway and have had a hard time thinking of other trigger foods. So, I’m just committing to eating more raw foods, which I used to do before I let life get waaaaay ahead of me. I’ve also been attacking his eczema spots with lots of moisturizer and healing agents like breast milk, his Tubby Todds, and a body soother made by my friend, Twanna, and owner of Essential Oils Boutique

There’s always so much to share but I think you’ve gotten a good glimpse into the Clark adventures for now. There’s some exciting news to come so stay tuned! If you haven’s signed up for newsletters and post updates be sure to do so!

Thanks for reading!