Thank you for leading me into uncomfortable and unfamiliar territory. Thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable so that I can fall into your arms, relying on you to fill me with the strength and peace I need, moment-by-moment, to face circumstances that come my way.

Thank you for your abounding grace and mercy that delivers me from the darkness and fears of potential harm and danger.

I know you are I AM and I know when I pray, you hear me and I can trust that you will work on my behalf and for my good. Thank you for deliverance and for doing more than I asked or imagined.

Your mercy endures forever, abounding in and around me. Your power is made perfect. Through my imperfections, I can see your love piecing together the broken fragments of clay: the sin, the hurt, the disappointments, the insecurity – to mold a new creation that will mirror the beautiful image of your Son, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for redemption. Thank you for your sustaining love that covers a multitude of sin. Thank you for endless grace and millions of chances.