I know I will get through this but this is just the tough part – getting through. I just need a little, “you can do it”, boost of morale as a reminder that you’re closer than my breath. Closer than my breath. 

I know this time will not last and you are preparing me for the greater good – preparing my heart to worship you and to praise you for being greater than my weakness.

Although I do not know what is to come or where you will lead my next thought or action, I do know the only way to go is to step forward; I’m moving forward. Give me your insight, Lord, especially when my eyes are too weak to see you working. Give my heart and my spirit strength to surrender and trust.

I don’t know why you are choosing to withhold salvation from him (my ex), Father, but I do know that it is your desire for all of your children to trust in the name of your Son Jesus Christ. You give us free will to choose the way to salvation and only you can draw your chosen to you.

Lord, when I begin to doubt, help me overcome my unbelief. Help me to recall your promises and to know that I know, resting assured, convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you will do everything you promise you will do.

You’ve called me to fulfill a purpose in your kingdom. Help me to always be alert and sensitive to the desires of your heart, walking in obedience to your calling, knowing when you are leading me to fulfill your works. Give me your strength, Jesus. Shower your wisdom and discernment upon me each day.

Forgive me for the times I’ve failed to commit to you and anything that has parted my mouth or has been displayed in my actions that did not bring glory and honor to you.

Lord, is it selfish for me to ask that his eyes be opened to see what he’s done? What he’s caused? What he’s missing out on? I honestly wish you’d show him the life he could have had; the life we could have had, had he trusted in Jesus Christ and rebuked the name of his beloved messenger.

Help me, Lord.