*Here, we are at Mikata for Jahmai’s 14th birthday dinner. You’d never guess we nailed this photo on the first shot right as 4-week-old Imri, in the, background began screaming his head off*

I’ll admit it, I’m a foodie! I love food! The thing is since I’ve changed my eating habits, I don’t crave everything I used to but I sure do live vicariously through my past (if that’s even possible) when I think of or see foods I used to eat and indulge in. Nevertheless, I still get what I love at my local favs!

We’ve always been a family who loves to eat. Growing up with a mom who cooked three meals a day to hitting the road for all of our favorite restaurants outside of Columbus, and creating our food traditions like Mama U Bake or Ben’s Wings and Things on Fridays, TCBY or Glaciers from North Columbus Pharmacy after school, and clown cookies from Kerns Creations, (the list really does go on), food is really a special part of my life.

Fast forward to now and choosing restaurants who cater to plant-based eaters, I’ll share a few of my favorite places to dine or pick up starting with my number one pick.

Rias Ethnic Foods

Ria’s is our home away from home. Mrs. Anne – the owner and chef – sees us every single week…she’s the sweetest! I mean, when you get delicious, fresh food, with some of it coming straight from the back garden it really doesn’t get much better.

While I’m at it, Mrs. Anne makes her own ginger garlic paste, tomato puree, and several other ingredients. She believes in fresh food and ensuring that her customers always leave happy.

I’ve never had the same meal twice. Yes, there may be repeat dishes spaced out over different visits, but each time I pick up or dine in I’m eating something different. My absolute favorite is definitely the garlicky spinach. Pulling in at a very close second is the chana masala or chickpeas, followed by a seasonal favorite, pumpkin Curry. It is absolutely d.i.v.i.n.e. Aloo Gobi is always a delight and dal hits the spot every time.

I believe if all I fed Imri for the rest of his life were his Aunty Anne’s chickpeas and cauliflower, he’d be just fine with it.

The uniqueness of Ria’s comes with the grocery store/restaurant concept. If ever you decide to prepare an Indian dish at home you’ll certainly be able to find what you need including fresh produce, home-grown veggies, curry leaves, and more!

Want a dine-in experience? Feel free to pull up a seat in the converted sunroom; it’s perfectly quaint and the service makes you feel like you’re at home. You can see the daily weekly menu and more here: http://www.riasindiancafe.com/

Rose’s Caribbean

Ahhh, Rose’s!!! Mrs. Rose and family make you feel right at home as soon as you step in the door. I didn’t realize this gem was in Columbus until I saw someone post a picture of their veggie plate on social media and I knew I had to try it!

Pictured above is all of my favs, minus two…the chickpeas and collard greens. You have the option of four veggies for dinner, three for lunch.

Everything is so flavorful and delish and I have never been disappointed with a meal! Please go support Rose’s!!!

Trevioli Italian Kitchen

Ok, I’ll keep it short and sweet with this one. Delish! All homemade pasta and fresh, local, sustainable food.

Remember when I mentioned balance in the extended “about me” post? What I’m saying is my lifestyle is not 100% inclusive to plant-based eating; I branch out and satisfy my taste buds when they need to be satisfied. All that to say is I love the three-cheese tortellini and the snapper with polenta cakes and asparagus!

Please do yourself a favor and check out more: http://www.trevioliitaliankitchen.com/

Mikata Japenese Steakhouse

Mikata will always be near and dear to my heart. We’ve frequented this locally-owned biz for over 20 years. Our visits started out as birthday and other celebratory occasions and grew to become one of our favorites.

I started out getting the teriyaki chicken with shrimp and now I’ve refined my selection to the veggie dinner which is still bomb! Carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli, and onions comprise the veggie dinner and come with fried or steamed rice precluded by a fabulous salad and bowl of soup.

Y’all know it’s a Japanese restaurant so if it’s your birthday, you can expect them to sing the traditional Japanese birthday song and offer you a pineapple boat for dessert 🙂 https://www.mikatajapanesesteakhouse.com/

I want to hear about your dining experiences! Please leave a comment below if you visit any of these fabulous places!