Let’s get straight to the point…

Now you know it’s wrong to be looking around and judging people and their lives, secretly condemning them for their choices and actions. Aren’t we guilty of this? Yep, it’s ok to admit it. Before we know it, we’ve played out an entire scenario in our heads of why we believe said guilty people made the choices they made and then look at our own life in comparison and make excuses for where we fall short and sin as if our shameful behavior is somehow justifiable and the actions of others make ours less offensive.

When you see your friends or people you know attaining all the things your heart is set on – marriage, pregnancy, new car, new boo, revenue increase – don’t compare your life to theirs and deem yourself more worthy of the rewards because you think you deserve all the blessings.

Well, are you seeking this and that, more money, a new man, new designer labels, a house, car and then asking God to join in on this ambitious attempt for clout or are you seeking God’s will, asking for His direction, and actively awaiting His blessings?

What we need to do is simple; worry about ourselves, our own lives, and our obedience to Christ. Let’s focus on God’s will, open our hearts to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s calling so the Lord can give us more of Him and we can appropriate His way of thinking. Let’s do away with judgment, condemnation, entitlement. God doesn’t owe us a thing. But when we choose Him above all else, his desire is to give us our heart’s desires. Matthew 7:1-5, Psalm 20:4