Raise your hand if you’ve been that mom in a time crunch to get dinner cooked, get dressed, clean up, or get a little work done and you needed some quick entertainment to keep your little one busy for the time being. Trying to focus on a task whilst making sure your little busy body is happy and safely playing can sometimes be a challenge and a bit stressful. If only we were kin to octopi we’d be able to have an arm dedicated to the babe, one in the kitchen cooking, one putting on makeup, one vacuuming, and one sending that email. If only!!!

Well, maybe I can offer you a few ideas. To make it easier, first, just consider what you need to accomplish. What room in the house will you be in? Are there already objects in said room your baby/toddler would have fun exploring with? If the answer is yes, let them explore to their little heart’s content! Whatever room Imri and I are in, he’s free to explore (so long as I’ve removed hazardous items out of the way). Or, I give him specific things to play and make noise with.

Oh, and big brothers are always a great go-to as well 😉

Need to prepare a quick meal? Give you little sous-chef a pot and utensil to bang his little heart out. If your babe is anything like mine, a good whack and a lot of noise will make them happy.
Putting on my makeup and letting the little explorer do his thing 🤷🏽‍♀️
What baby doesn’t love rummaging through cabinets and drawers?


Big brother to the rescue!