All of us have faced a sudden setback or trial we did not expect or perhaps did not expect to happen so soon. And so how do we respond? James said, “count it all joy.” – James 1:2-8

That means, what we’re not to do is be resentful, hostile, and ask God why He would let “this” happen in our life. But instead, know that since God is in charge of our lives and we are his daughters, He promises to meet our needs and answer our prayers. Thank Him for whatever you have coming because you know it will be for your good, for God is good. While He never promised a life of ease, God is Always working all things together for our good. -Romans 8:28

“Know that the testing of your faith produces endurance.” God’s got a plan for you and the test is not a test to defeat you. Knowing means you can be confident in knowing God is going to walk with you through it all and He will supply your needs.

Whoever or whatever God sends in your life to test you, He will give you the endurance to stand strong and He will give you peace to remain poised and exercise self-control. Take the time and thank the Lord for providing a way for you to grow spiritually and the opportunity for you to grow closer to Him. Once you realize everything is for your benefit and not your detriment, your heart will be filled with gladness and you will sing new praises! Psalm 40:3

So remember, when everything is going our way all of the time, we’re not growing. We can expect the trials to come but we rest assured in our hearts that we have the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit within us to pour into us, whatever the need.