“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.” ~Ecclesiastes 3:1

While a season’s duration is virtually unpredictable, I’m certain that I am currently in my season of waiting and trusting.

Delayed Dreams

Over the course of over three years, I have come so close! I’ve come close to experiencing the fruition of something beautiful in the making. Doors opening and from those doors, I put in the work, effort, faith. With all of these ingredients in the mix, so many things have been just within reach. So tangible and right at the tips of my fingers, they were so real and I wanted it so. I could taste it.

Marriage. A new house. A new business partnership. The launch of a project worked on with a partner. A job earning extra income…

Well, those things have come and gone, leaving me to wonder, what was it all for?Β  Why have I come so close to attaining these things for them only to dissipate right before my eyes as if it were all an illusion, a magic trick, a ruse…

I’m still trying to dissect, these circumstances as I don’t know what it means.

Walking By Faith

I am confident that everything happens for a reason. God has a way of drawing us closer to Him, closer to His plans, and closer to a heart of surrender. He knows how to use our circumstances to open our eyes to see what it is we’ve been missing all along; the missing link if you will.

Perseverance is definitely something I believe in and hold firmly to, I just have yet to fully grasp what all of this means and I may never know. My only choice is to seek the one who already has plans for my life. Plans to prosper me and not to harm me…giving me a hope and a future. ~Jeremiah 29:11

Whether you’re thinking, “this, too, shall pass”, or “I never want this to end”, the seasons of life are just that, seasons.

Often times we want to force or control where we are in life. But if we truly surrender to the changes and opportunities that come with a season, we get to experience emotions, relationships, joy, and peace like never before. Oh, how sweet it is to experience pure, authentic moments of bliss when we learn to release ego fears so that only the truth pours in us and out of us.

As a result, just like a seed, what God has purposefully planted in your life will sprout, grow, and mature in time for harvesting.

Have you acknowledged the season you’re in?Β  Seasons aren’t meant to just endure. They are gifted to us for growth, wisdom, and the opportunity for God to mold us. He is preparing us for our journey – for our future. Don’t resist the transition. Open your heart and receive.