Snacking is sometimes more about convenience than health-conscious eating, especially when time is short. But wouldn’t it be great if we had all the healthy snacks available at our disposal that served as a substitute for what we really want? Or, if you’re already committed to healthy eating it would be great to have several, tasty options within reach. Amiright?

Snack time doesn’t have to be bland and boring!

When I’m home, I like to eat something flavorful and/or satiating. No rice cakes around here! Well, there was that one time I was on a rice cake fix but I topped them with peanut butter and honey and I ate two…with an apple.

As I digress, I’m still nursing so it’s important for me to eat plenty of calories and nutrient-dense foods for healthy milk production. There will be a post coming soon about Healthy eating during pregnancy and nursing.

Right now, the simple everyday act of eating is quite cumbersome and at times overwhelming. Why? Well after chasing a 9-month-old all day, cooking for a 14-year-old, and then trying to squeeze in time for the 58 things I need to get done during dwindling nap times or in the three hours I have at night before I crash has left me a wandering soul who’s lost a bit of creative and inspirational direction in the kitchen; it’s all about convenience.

So, I’ve created a routine that gets me through the day.

To start, my first snack is usually a peanut butter sandwich accompanied by a small glass of OJ and a gala apple virtually every single day. If you decide to try this, I say go all out and try the crunchy MaraNatha brand of peanut butter. You won’t be sorry you did! I also help myself to a bowl of homemade spaghetti if I plan on doing a super HIIT workout. Those extra carbs (yes, I said Carbs!) offer an extra boost of energy! We’ll talk about the misconstrued notion that carbs are the enemy in another post. Mkay?

Two smoothies a day has definitely served me well in my quest to eat healthily, keep my milk up, and get full every time. I’m able to knock out several servings of fruits, veggies, vitamins, minerals, fats, and more with an all-in-one smoothie. They are quick, tasty, and satisfying!

A nice handful, or in my case two or more, of nuts, hit the spot.

Now, without further ado, here are some snacking ideas I hope won’t’ disappoint:

Apple Slices and Almond Butter

You know the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Right? Well, it’s more like an all-inclusive diet/lifestyle will keep the doctor away but an apple does help. So, have some fun with your apple if you need to kick it up a notch and try one sliced with almond butter and chia seeds for a pleasant texture.

Popcorn with Vegan Butter and Nutritional Yeast

Let’s talk about nutritional yeast for a minute. You know how mainstream health information says to get your B12 from meat? I’m here to tell you as a plant-based eater, one way to consume B12 and a load of other minerals is by consuming nutritional yeast. It’s a delicious ingredient that resembles a cheesy flavor. I love it in my vegan mac n cheese and my fav is topped over popcorn (stovetop – Arrowhead Mills).

Peanut Butter Bread – dress it up with chia seeds, coconut flakes, a drizzle of agave (or honey)

Need a snack that’ll stick? Peanut butter bread will get ‘er done. Have fun with it; be creative!

Nuts and Dried Fruit (cashews & raisins)

Essential oils and fats mean our bodies don’t produce them on it’s own and we need to consume the right kind of fats and oils. Nuts are a great option for those ‘essentials’. Try raw nuts if you’re not used to eating them that way. Or, if you prefer them roasted, try roasting at home with a little added salt if it’s a must.

Dried fruit counts for a daily fruit serving. Be careful and read those labels in the store because a lot of dried fruit contain added sugar, oils, and preservatives.

Chocolate Apples

Are you ready to indulge?! Yep, dark chocolate has health benefits! The antioxidants found in dark chocolate absorb free radicals, helps regulate blood pressure and cholesterol, improves brain function, and more! Yeah, you do milk chocolate pictured above because I mixed it with dark but either way, a little dark will do you good!


I would love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts on the snack above if you try any and also share your own favorite snacks you enjoy 🙂