Soooooo, I kind of feel like a terrible mother for letting all of this time pass without sharing our celebratory days with our boys on their big day. Yep, Imri had his first birthday and Jahmai turned permit age *insert deep sigh and silent tears*.

I now have a one-year-old on my hands and a teenager whose mustache is getting thicker by the day.

So for Imri’s birthday, I thought The Very Hungry Caterpillar was such a cute theme idea since his favorite book is Love, by Eric Carle (author of the very hungry caterpillar). From the invites to the cupcake caterpillar and smash cake, to the decor, goodie bags, and baby ball pit, Imri’s party had everything perfectly in place…except for the guests.

Sunday, March 3rd, 2018 marked the day of terrible storms and tornados that hit the southeast bringing vast destruction and fatalities to Alabama.

As we prepared and added the final touches to everything that Sunday, each weather update we tuned into urged everyone to take shelter and prepare for the worst. So, we did just that.

Thankfully, the family was already in place so we hunkered down and celebrated Imri through the storm and enjoyed every minute of it. My only regret was not capturing a picture of all of us as I was in the moment, enjoying watching Imri’s every move as he reacted to his first taste of cake!

His big day could not have been possible without the help of two dear friends, Christina and Richard. I’ve known Richard for almost 20 years, as he is 1/5 of the Brotherhood – 5 best friends (including my bother) who grew up together in life, school, and soccer.

When I tell you I almost shed tears of joy when they said they would come help! I was already a bit overwhelmed trying to decide on the exact decor to use, ordering from here and there, running to Michael’s and dollar tree, settling on invitation pics and cake decor and anticipating having to decorate essentially by myself. Mom had classes, Brel had to coach out of town, dad was seeing patients out of town and Jahmai…well I didn’t want to hear any complaints so I was going to let him just do his thing with fort nite. Not that my child really would have complained at the idea of helping his mother but being already on the edge, somewhat anxious, and stressed, I just wanted to get everything done the way I wanted it done.

Well low and behold…

After going back thr0ugh my list of invites and realizing I’d skipped over Christina and Richard, they were not able to attend but said the least they could do was to come help me decorate. When I say these two are the salt of the earth! The most giving hearts, these two have.


Fast-forward to April 6th, our boy turned the big 1-5! Now that he’s getting older, Jahmai’s not with the parties and big celebrations anymore and wanted to keep it simple with a celebratory dinner he wanted to order as a to-go meal.

I was so elated to hear that Jahmai’s best bud, Robert, and fellow April 6th birthday boy, invited him over for a birthday dinner with family. Jahmai gladly went and thoroughly enjoyed his time there.

They swapped $20 as gifts to each other and ended the night doing their favorite thing together – playing fort nite.

On Sunday, I ordered two filet and chicken dinners from Jahmai’s favorite restaurant, Mikata, and he was good to go. After racking up with birthday money and an extended bedtime, his 15th year was celebrated just the way he wanted.