Welcome to the Coalescent Feminine community!

I want this blog to tell the story that it’s not about one decision, one experience, one goal, failure, or one successful achievement that makes or breaks you. All of these aspects unite to form one life journey.

I am a single, full-time mom of two boys, Nutritional Therapist, health enthusiast, lipstick lover, home chef, Golden Girls fanatic, outdoors girl, and a narcissistic abuse survivor. My story is a compilation of ever-increasing self-esteem, redemption, success, failure, and growth.

My life isn’t one-dimensional and neither is yours. We’re affected by so many things like our health (physical, mental, & emotional), romantic relationships or marriage, family dynamics, raising children, childhood experiences, self-esteem, finances, spirituality, personal growth, and career.

We can also get lost in the mix of life and allow our circumstances to dictate our perspective and our actions (my last on-and-off-again toxic relationship of five years with a narcissist did just that). But alas, our journey is never in vain. We must be willing to learn, grow, take those fragments, piece them together, and make something beautiful with the good and the bad.

You can create a better tomorrow one day at a time!

With this blog, my hope for you is to be enlivened, empowered, encouraged, understood, validated, accepted, and gratified. I want the content to resonate with every aspect of your life.

May the Coalescent Feminine community essentially be a one-stop-shop for your reading pleasures!

Please click here to learn [a lot] more about the purpose of this blog, me and my family!

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