Imagine your most recent or anticipated vacation. What instantly comes to mind? Family? Relaxation? Budgeting? Splurging? Rest? Fun?

Since my eldest was little, our vacations always included my mom (occasionally my dad and brother would join us as well). We were the three amigos seeking our next adventure. We’d grace the beaches of Florida, exploring the likes of sea world, water parks, race tracks, outlet malls, amusement parks, and the best restaurants we could find. These blissful moments create the most beautiful heart explosions while simultaneously exposing alternate emotions. The lingering pang of guilt and sadness rise to the surface because I could never give Jahmai – and now Imri – a “family” vacation, inclusive to just us and their father.

I admit I struggle with the guilt of not being able to raise my boys in a home with their father and I subconsciously carry the burden of wishing we could caravan from here to there, mom, dad, and kids in tow.

With this swirling eddy of thoughts and emotions, you know what keeps me grounded? Simply remembering how blessed I am to be raising two healthy boys who know they are loved and that we are blessed to be able to experience our many adventures together. This is why I’ve decided to gratefully accept the fact that we have Family vacations.

Society’s stigma would say my boys come from a broken home. I say we are a family – a family of love.

Now, we have a new edition who just turned one and had his first vacation! I so wanted him to look like he was having the time of his life in every photo! Lol! But, Imri is Imri and has his own little disposition. He rarely shows gleeful emotions in public but believe it or not, he is a ball of joy at home. If you’re lucky enough to catch him with his hair down when we’re out and about you just may be surprised at what you see and hear. You know the saying a picture says a thousand words? Well, don’t take Imri’s pictures at face value 🤷🏾‍♀️

And might I add, Imri took one look at the ocean and clung to me for dear life, so we strolled just like that.

I digress. I’m so grateful for my road dog, my ace, my ride-or-die. She completes our vacays and we can depend on her to always be right there with us, standing in the gap for all of us.

This time around I came to the realization that my teenager is probably not feeling vacationing with just his mom and Mimi so this time he had a friend join us. Best. Decision. Ever. And to top it off, they walked down the beach to hang with a friend and classmate for the day.

And there it goes, another heart explosion 🥰

I have always dreamed of a life with my husband and children. Since it’s just me and my boys, for now, we’re living our best life until further notice 😉

I know what my heart ultimately desires. For now, I am grateful for my loves and the many blessings showered over us each and every day.