In this post and many more to come, y’all are going to see just how much my last relationship impacted my life and how it made me the woman I am today.

This post is full of transparency and is one of those “in the moment” epiphanies that occurred one night as I lay crying in my bed reeling in emotions over another break up with my then boyfriend. We went ’round and ’round with the on and off again status. That relationship was the epitomy of toxicity, madness, and stress.

On the night of an emotional peak, there I was paralyzed by hurt and sadness until I was slapped in the face by reality with the following thoughts…

How dare I cry and wallow in self-pity over a loss that was not inclusive to God’s will. I look around and as a single mom working part-time, I have ALL that I need. My God has supplied all of our needs: our house with working appliances, working A/C and heat, functioning bathrooms, entertainment via TV, a car with no mechanical flaws, a loving, supportive family, excellent health, and a growing, healthy child on the mend from the blows of life, food to cook every week, and the means to enjoy life outside of the house…

How dare I shed one tear, how dare I pity myself because God allowed me to experience loss and disappointment. There are people in this world dying without a Savior, people are desperate for food, they need medical attention, shelter, deliverance from abuse…there are children needing to be loved, elderly who need a voice, families are in poverty, innocent people are being slain, someone somewhere right now is longing for a hot shower, and there is a single mom somewhere worrying about how she is going to put gas in her car, put food on th

e table or get her water turned back on all for her babies…and I’m crying because God delivered me from the very thing that I pleaded with Him to give me knowing good and well that His best was not that request!

Girl, bye! There are bigger fish to fry! Suck it up! Dry those eyes! Get it together!